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"The Gods Send Thread for the Web Begun"

Andrew Carnegie

In Andrew Carnegie, Joseph Frazier Wall, writes of the last home Carnegie built in New York City:

In his magnificent library-study on the first floor, seated at a roll top desk so huge that it had had to be constructed inside the room, Carnegie, his feet barely able to touch the floor, would sit, contemplating how best to dispose of his wealth. All around him, carved into the wood paneling of the walls, were the slogans that had inspired him throughout his life: high above the mantle of the fireplace, "Let There Be Light," and directly below that the words which he had first seen as a young man in the Stoke's Library in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, and which he had vowed would some day be in a library of his:

He that cannot reason is a fool,
He that will not is a bigot,
He that dares not is a slave.

Running around the walls of the room like a frieze carved out of Poor Richard's Almanac were the words: "The Kindom of Heaven is Within You," "The Gods Send Thread For The Web Begun," "All Is Well Since All Grows Better," "The Aids To A Noble Life Are All Within," and "Thine Own Reproach Alone Do Fear." It was difficult to be other than noble in such a room.

Andrew Carnegie, by Joseph Frazier Wall, Oxford University Press, 1970, University of Pittsburgh Press edition of 1989, page 857. [A magnificent work. -leif]
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