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Islam's Historical Tolerance of Religions

Lord Lamont, Hi Pakistan, 15 February 2004, Lecture at Szabist

"Muslims in Europe Fear for Loss of Identity" — the text of this speech is no longer available.

It was originally found on this site: — an old link that has now disappeared.

From the speech:

Islam's attitude towards other religions is more tolerant than that of Christianity. The Prophet (PBUH) and his community in Medina accepted the co-existence of Muslims, Jews and Christians. The Prophet (PBUH) discussed and debated with, and gave freedom of religious thought and practice to, Jews and Christians. When the Catholic rulers of Spain, Ferdinand and Isabella, drove out the Jews many found refuge in North Africa and the Ottoman Empire. When Muslims conquered Byzantine they were welcomed by some Christians who were persecuted as heretics. The Muslim conquerers proved to be far more tolerant than imperial Christianity had been. During the Crusades despite the conflict Muslims tolerated the practice of Christianity, an example not emulated by the other side. The Ottoman Empire, for the most part, is an example of the positive treatment of religious minorities in a Muslim majority context.

A report on this speech:

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