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The Future of Freedom, by Fareed Zakaria

Illiberal Democracy at Home and Abroad

Zakaria sees that liberalism, of the classical kind, and democracy are two very different things. This distinction is of crucial significance to the continuing emergence of a world fit for explorers.

Fareed's point was made in an article published in the November/December 1997 issue of "Foreign Affairs". Their summary follows:

'Around the world, democratically elected regimes are routinely ignoring limits on their power and depriving citizens of basic freedoms. From Peru to the Philippines, we see the rise of a disturbing phenomenon: illiberal democracy. It has been difficult to recognize because for the last century in the West, democracy -- free and fair elections -- has gone hand in hand with constitutional liberalism -- the rule of law and basic human rights. But in the rest of the world, these two concepts are coming apart. Democracy without constitutional liberalism is producing centralized regimes, the erosion of liberty, ethnic competition, conflict, and war. The international community and the United States must end their obsession with balloting and promote the gradual liberalization of societies.'

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