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FLOW: A New Focus, A New Idealism

a growing network of thinking, aware idealists

Let Freedom Light Our World so that we may be active creators of peace, prosperity, and well-being for the human race and planet earth.

FLOW is a growing network of thinking, aware idealists who are motivated by compassion, girded by courage, and guided by reason to create a better world. We believe that we can create a world of near-universal prosperity, beauty, and grace within the lifetimes of our grandchildren.

The purpose of FLOW is to create a dialogue community that combines two contrary trends in existing social/political discourse:

1. The progressive, humanist desire to make the world a better place by means of conscious effort.

2. The increasing recognition that market solutions to social problems are more effective than are command-and-control government strategies.

We are concerned that most advocates of markets do not adequately advocate for the amelioration of social problems and for the reduction of injustices in global markets. At the same time, Leftist attacks on market mechanisms cause much greater poverty and injustice than do the greediest capitalists on earth. We seek to develop a coalition of individuals and organizations who seek to improve the world and who recognize that, often, market mechanisms are the best means of doing so.

The general FLOW website is:

My blog also explains the ideas from a different angle:

Michael Strong
socraticpractice *at*

Review copies available of my new manuscript, Whole Lives: The Creation of Conscious Culture Through Educational Innovation.

Author of The Habit of Thought: From Socratic Seminars to Socratic Practice, (Chapel Hill: New View, 1996), available in Spanish as El Habito de Pensar, (Santiago: Quatro Vientos, 2000).
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