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A Philosopher of Change

Interview with Yasuhiko Kimura

"Enlightenment Magazine" interview with Yasuhiko Kimura, by Carter Phipps, 2003 or 2004 (date not provided on the web page)

Taken from the introduction to the interview:

Yasuhiko Kimura, the Japanese-American author of Think Kosmically Act Globally, is one of these new integral philosophers, and his work embodies many of the traits of this emerging paradigm. Passionate about science, he is also deeply grounded in the spiritual dimension of life, having spent several years as a Zen priest in his native Japan. While he is not a spiritual teacher in the traditional sense, he does teach, and in fact has dedicated himself to a wide range of educational activities designed to bring transformational ideas into the mainstream of our culture. Drawing on a number of fields of study, and open-minded enough to incorporate the ideas of others, Kimura's work, like that of many of his contemporaries, is, above all, aimed at divining the patterns of evolution at work in the human family and inspiring individual and collective transformation up the evolutionary ladder.

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