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Delicious Monster Software

software as a practical art form

Introduction to Delicious Monster Software:

There's a plant that grows in the rain forests of tropical america known colloquially as "The Swiss Cheese Plant"; its Latin name is monstera deliciosa - delicious monster. Young plants start as just a handful of simple verdant leaves, but as the plant grows to its full thirty feet its leaves become more and more lacy and ornate. If treated properly the plant will then flower with huge blooms, which create a very rare fruit with a taste like mixed pineapples and bananas.

We believe that delicious software, like the delicious monster, starts as something simple and beautiful: an idea to simplify your life, to help you accomplish something you need to do more easily. The idea is embellished as it matures, without losing sight of the core beauty that inspired it. Delicious software should be deep and focussed, so every feature you want to use is understandable and anticipates what you actually want to do; you should find yourself smiling at its added and unexpected beauty, like you would at the monster's flowers. And the fruits of your efforts should make your life just a touch sweeter.

We grow delicious software. Simple and beautiful with surprises and detail that you would never expect from software. It's delicious and it makes you smile. It brings your computer to life and into your life.

Wil Shipley & Mike Matas

April 19, 2004


This is remarkably elegant and speaks of and to the artist in all of us. -leif

Delicious Library 3.0
entered before July 9, 2006

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