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The Noble Foundation

Improvement of Agriculture, Ardmore, Oklahoma, USA

The Noble Foundation was organized in 1945 by Lloyd Noble, a southern Oklahoma native and successful oil man. He named the organization to honor his father, Samuel Roberts Noble, a generous and charitable pioneer who established a hardware business in Ardmore a century ago.

The Foundation began with the underlying goal of helping farmers and ranchers make wiser and more productive use of their land. That goal continues today through the research, education and consultation efforts of the Agricultural Division.

The Biomedical Division, established in 1952, helped pioneer many of the treatments now being utilized in the battle against cancer. In 1993 the Biomedical Division relocated to the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation in Oklahoma City.

The Plant Biology Division was established in 1987. Its mission is to perform both fundamental and applied research on plant-microbe interactions and genetically modify plants for improved disease resistance and production potential. Collaborative efforts with the Agricultural Division provide a unique opportunity to see the fruits of cutting-edge molecular research reach the nation's farmers and ranchers.

The Forage Improvement Division was established in 1997 to develop improved forage varieties that farmers and ranchers can use to decrease livestock production costs.

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History of the Noble Foundation

The Life of Lloyd Noble (1896-1950)

Noble Energy, founded 1932

'"No individual builds anything worthwhile by his efforts alone." This statement was the philosophy of Lloyd Noble and the guiding principle behind the development of what has become one of the leading independent energy companies in the United States - Noble Energy, Inc.

'Noble Energy has explored for, produced and marketed crude oil and natural gas for nearly three-quarters of a century. Lloyd Noble founded Samedan Oil Corporation in southern Oklahoma in 1932, a time when the U.S. oil and gas industry was new and many new oil discoveries were being made. By the 1970s, the company, known then by the parent name Noble Affiliates Inc, had three distinct business lines - oil and gas exploration (Samedan Oil Corporation), drilling (Noble Drilling Corporation), and trucking (B. F. Walker).'
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