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Keith Black on Work and Play

find what you love; do that thing

The following taken from the website of BreakThrough: Television's Journal of Science and Medicine --

At 40, Dr. Keith Black of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles is one of the foremost neurosurgeons in the US. He now heads the Comprehensive Brain Tumor Program at Cedars-Sinai, a new neurosurgical institute specializing in brain cancer. He is a leading researcher in the field, and has published over 100 scientific papers. Somehow, he also finds time to maintain an active involvement in community work with young people.

Interview at work with BreakThrough reporter Tom Gasparoli in Los Angeles, week of August 25, 1997

[a long and fascinating interview offering much of value to explorers -leif]


BREAKTHROUGH: Any message to young people, about careers, the excitement of science and math and astronomy and all of that?

DR. BLACK: I think the most important message that I could deliver is to tell people to find something that they are passionate about, that they love. For Michael Jordan it happens to be basketball. For me it happens to be science. But it makes a tremendous difference in what you do. I mean even though I may work very hard, for me it's not work. When I get up every day and come here, it's coming someplace to play. And if they didn't pay me, I would want to do the same thing, and when you have that sort of privilege, that sort of luxury, that's probably one of the most important gifts that life could give you.

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