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The Cerro Mojino Ranch, Tres Piedras, New Mexico

land stewardship sustains navajo-churro sheep business

Story published in La Jicarita News, a community newspaper for the Jicarita watershed

The Cerro Mojino Ranch: Connie and Sam Taylor's Land Stewardship Sustains Navajo-Churro Sheep Business

By Kay Matthews

The award plaque on Connie and Sam Taylor's Cerro Mojino ranch fence says "Excellence in Grazing Management." It's obvious why. On their side of the fence, the wheat grass they graze their Churro sheep on grows strong and tall, interspersed with piñon/juniper. On the other side of the fence, invasive sagebrush grows on bare, eroded soil. What the Taylors have created during their 20-year tenure on 120 acres of land just south of Tres Piedras is not only a healthier, more diverse ecosystem but a sustainable, viable wool business that begins with sheep and ends with tapestry.

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