glyph 212: Koestler, Polanyi, Weissberg ... Stalin, Soviets ... telegram of 1938 . Koestler's essay in Crossman (ed.) the god that failed


Arthur Koestler's Telegram to Stalin, 1938, On Behalf of Alex Weissberg

In 1938, Arthur Koestler wrote a "carefully worded" telegram to Stalin regarding the physicist, Alex Weissberg, falsely accused of plotting to kill Stalin (a common accusation), and then imprisoned, requesting "that the charges against Weissberg, if any, be made public, and that he be given a public trial". The telegram was signed by three French Nobel Prize physicists, Perrin, Langevin, and Joliot-Curie, and by the chemist, Michael Polanyi, Manchester, England. Quotations are from Koestler's essay in the god that failed, edited and with an introduction by Richard Crossman, Harper: January, 1950. Albert Einstein had previously intervened on behalf of Weissberg. Koestler's telegram was of no apparent benefit to Weissberg, who was turned over to the Gestapo by the Soviets in 1939. He escaped and joined the Polish underground, surviving the war to write Conspiracy of Silence, London: Hamish Hamilton, 1952, an account of the inner workings of the GPU prisons, with a preface by Koestler.
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