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"Paths to Peace", by Mark Frazier

A Sri Lankan Example for Post-Conflict Societies

"As the 21st Century unfolds, people around the world are awakening to a growing danger. Religious and tribal movements are harvesting anger against abuses of power by failing states, predatory rulers, local warlords, and perceived advances by crusading empires. These trends, if unchecked, may assure further catastrophes in coming years as new technologies make it easier for haters to kill.

"Developed countries have a vital stake in finding effective ways to meet this threat. Yet wars, occupations, and expansion of state powers risk further inflaming passions and eroding the foundations of civil society. An alternative vision and course of action is needed—one that offers practical paths for large numbers of people across ethnic and religious lines to build stakeholdings in a peaceful and prosperous future."

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Published in Vision in Action's quarterly journal, December 2003
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