glyph 224: Royal National Lifeboat Institution ... voluntary solutions to social problems . distributed vs. centralized compassion . saving lives at sea . voluntary lifeboat associations . British Isles, England, Ireland, Wales, Scotland . philanthropy, philantropic enterprise ... tea ... save lives: drink Lifeboat Tea ..... caffeine, alkaloid theine ..... ocean, sea, shipwreck ... more tea


Lifeboats, British Isles — Philanthropic Enterprise

A Short History of Redcar Lifeboat Station

National Institution for the Preservation of Life from Shipwreck

1824: Sir William Hillary, a courageous lifeboatman, co-ordinates the first lifeboat service. His appeal to the nation led to the foundation of the National Institution for the Preservation of Life from Shipwreck, later to become the RNLI.

The Warnford Tea Trading Company

The Warnford Tea Trading Company says,

Thank you for supporting the Lifeboatmen by drinking this tea. We still rely entirely on voluntary contributions to maintain and improve this essential service.

While you are enjoying this excellent tea, please remember that every cup of Lifeboat tea you drink will directly contribute to the upkeep of the crucially important work that is done by our Lifeboatmen around the British Isles.
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