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Into the Wardrobe : a C. S. Lewis web site

On the above page, Douglas Gresham, step-son of C. S. Lewis, writes:

I am delighted to have been asked by John Visser, the creator of this excellent web site, to write a few words of introduction. For those who have no idea about C. S. Lewis and his work, and are just looking for a fun site, there is plenty to investigate and enjoy right here, and what you find here may well lead you into years of enjoyable reading as you discover the existence of one of the finest writers of this century, and find out about his books.

On the other hand, for those who are already fascinated by Jack (C. S. Lewis' nickname) and his "Narnian Chronicles", or other works, and want to know more about him and his world, you can almost be there yourself by wandering through this site's various links. There is much here of worth to the serious scholar too, and if you are about to embark on a paper about Jack or his works I heartily recommend this site as a research source.
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