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Sentenced to Death, by Pyotr Patrushev

escape from Soviet communism by swiming across the Black Sea

Pyotr Patrushev writes of his autobiography:

A rare account of a personal journey by a man hunted by the KGB, who escapes Russia, becomes a refugee in Turkey and later has a wide-ranging career as a journalist and translator. The book describes the author's childhood in Siberia; his incarceration in a Soviet psychiatric prison; escape by swimming across the border to Turkey; imprisonment and interrogation in Turkey; 25 years on the KGB's wanted list on charges of "high treason"; settling in Australia, life in England, Germany, and the USA; and finally his return to Russia to visit his family after 30 years. His analysis of the current situation in Russia, based on his many visits there during crucial times in Russia's recent evolution is personal, prescient and original.
There are only a couple of countries left in the world that shoot at people who are trying to escape across their borders: counties like North Korea and Cuba, run by deluded dictators and megalomaniacs who brutalized and impoverished their own people, diminishing their chances of progress and prosperity. Most civilized countries had open borders for outward migration for centuries and most are preoccupied now with keeping the unwanted migrants out, rather than keeping their captive populations in. We must appreciate the progress that has been made. And also appreciate the terrible history that we have, hopefully, left behind. —Pyotr Patrushev

Description (Russian & English) of the book:
Pyotr's work as Russian translator:

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These memoirs are at this time (September 2005) in Russian only. On the 26 September 05 Pyotr informed me that the book is #3 on Russian Amazon. I hope for English, Polish, Chinese, Japanese, and Spanish translations as quickly as possible. -leif
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