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""Milau Viaduct, Tarn River Valley, Massif Central, France

a magnificent example of large scale engineering

If you love big engineering look at this, and track down some of the key vendors. One look and you may think, "I should be, or should have been, an engineer!" -leif

The Millau Viaduct is the major bridge on the A75 motorway between Clermont- Ferrand and Béziers, which will be part of a new link between Northern Europe and Eastern Spain. The city of Millau is located at the confluence of two rivers, the Tarn and the Dourbie Rivers, that cut two deep valleys in the old Massif Central plateau.

The International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering, as described on the above page:

As structural engineers in a world where country borders are increasingly just a line on a map, we strive to feed on the experience of other engineers, geographically or by specialty both near and far from us. Designs conceived in Switzerland are executed in Japan, software developed in the USA creates a barrier-free language for the exchange of data in Europe. Bridge technologies get applied to long-span building roofs, architectural aspects traditionally found in building design become a driving force for signature bridges. In a rapidly evolving world, becoming aware of sophisticated analysis techniques and new construction materials and methods as they develop will influence our next project, small or large as it may be. IABSE is the prime professional organization for structural engineers truly committed to the exchange of knowledge and to the advancement of the practice of structural engineering worldwide ... —Maria Grazia Bruschi, Member, IABSE SEI Editorial Board, Member, Steering Committee Structures Congress 2005

Discovery Communications, Inc. video on the Milau Viaduct, from their "Extreme Engineering" series, released 2004, available on iTunes 2006 ($1.99):
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