glyph 249: natural law . culture building . social change ... Intentional community . egalitarian commonwealth, decentralized network . individual rights . governance ... human-scale institutions ... rational altruism ... time-based economics ... intentioneering ..... J.R.R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings


The Natural Law Community

Culture Magic, the writings of A. Allen Butcher

Intentional community as both a lifestyle of choice and a strategy to anticipate, reflect and quicken social change.

The concept of natural law provides an ideological foundation for the building of cultures of sharing and cooperation as the term relates to the:

As presented on this website in the concept of "intentioneering" the seat of authority over individual choice is always the individual conscious, inner light, or awareness of truth and justice. Through the concept of natural law spiritual, political, economic and social issues may be integrated in one coherent world view, offering the potential for the presentation of natural law as a unified field theory for the design of human society. Such a society, emphasizing participatory governance while balancing private and common property rights, is presented as a political/economic system given the name "egalitarian commonwealth," comprised of a decentralized network of human-scale institutions and communities.

"Intentioneering: a Happiness Ethic"

"Sharing as the Creed of Material Spirituality"

"The Egalitarian Commonwealth building a Parallel Culture"

"Time-Based Economics: facilitating Cooperation"

"Rational Altruism resulting in a Plenty Paradigm"

"The Fellowship versus the Bilderberg Group: Relating a Real World Contest for Hearts and Minds via an Allegorical Tale," by A. Allen Butcher, Denver, Colorado, January, 2005
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