glyph 252: education, culture ... formation of appetites, attitudes, and souls of young people ..... increasing propensity to be dominated by commercialism, sensationalism, materialism, conspicuous consumption . proposed remedy ..... invisible virtues: including justice, honor, love, awareness, kindness, empathy, curiousity, wonder, or wisdom ..... skill development ..... global economy ..... creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship


The Creation of Conscious Culture Through Educational Innovation, by Michael Strong

book in progress (December 2005), first chapter

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The one essential thing is that we strive to have light in ourselves. Our strivings will be recognized by others, and when people have light in themselves, it will shine out from them. Then we get to know each other as we walk together in the darkness, without needing to pass our hands over each other's faces, or to intrude into each other's hearts. —Albert Schweitzer, from Rabbi Greenberg's The Art of Living

Strong, The Creation of Conscious Culture, 11/28/2005 (the entire chapter)
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