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Israel-Palestine Donkey Resting Station

Tayibe Resting Station — something worth doing together — Dec 4, 2005

It has long been SHADH's dream to build a series of resting stations" for working donkeys in local towns and villages and to use these as a base for free veterinary clinics in order to reach out to many more of the thousands of working donkeys in Israel and the Palestinian Territories.

In the spring of 2005, Lucy began looking for a suitable site for the first resting station and by May had been offered a small area owned by the Municipality in the nearby Arab town of Tayibe. After the initial scorn, some of the local officials and residents began to show enthusiasm and made it clear that they wanted the project to begin as soon as possible. So with that challenge in mind and as a pilot to ascertain the need for resting stations across the country, the Tayibe station was constructed and finally opened in July.

As this was a brand new experience for Safe Haven and indeed for Israel and the Palestinian Territories, no one could have envisaged just how popular our mobile clinic/farriery and harness repair services at the station would be. ...
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