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All the Marvelous Earth, by J. Krishnamurti

a beautiful and thoughtful book

On the last page of this book of elegant and profound writings, accompanied by magnificent photographs of nature, J. Krishnamurti says

After considering all this, is there a learning, is there an awakening of intelligence, is there a sense of order in our lives, or are we going back to the same routine? If you have that intelligence, that goodness, that sense of great love, then you will create a marvelous new society where we can all live happily. It's our earth—not Indian earth, or English earth, or Russian earth—it's our earth where we can live happily, intelligently, not at each other's throats. So please give your heart and mind to find out why you don't change...

"The editors have been deeply affected by Krishnamurti's connection to the world of nature, and hope that the juxtaposition of pictures with these writings will serve to introduce this crucial message to those who are concerned with order within ourselves, our relationship with others, and our rightful place in the world of nature." —Mark Edwards, Evelyne Blau, January 2000

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All the Marvelous Earth

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