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Chance's 2006 Pacific Crest Trail Journal

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Why Hike?
I adventure travel, and now hike, because that is where freedom is at. Here in the sedentary world of American Dreamland, we spend most of our days re-acting to other peoples agendas and desires. On the trail, all of that carefully designed prompting and manipulation is gone, allowing us to live every day as nature intended and enabling us to take back the ownership of our lives.

Life is an energy amplifier. We sustain life by gathering energy. Ethics is about legitimate ways to gather the various kinds of energy. Love is what happens when the energies of two people combine to amplify yet again. And yet again, ethics is about legitimate ways to sustain the love they are generating.

Most fears are artificially induced by social authority for the sole purpose of controlling our behavior to benefit them.

My spirituality is expressed by the continuous creation my future. There is no fate. The present and the future are driven by events initiated in the past. The actions of Genghis Kahn have shaped this modern world as much as the actions of Jesus and Socrates, a million other people and countless natural events. These chains of cause and effect are not sacred. We can and do end old ones, modify existing ones, exempt ourselves from even the most powerful of these causal chains and start completely new ones.

Dog Names
I have finally figured out how to look at the problem of real names vs. trail names. A so called real name is a dog name. We are tagged at birth with a name that other people can control us with. Speak! Fetch! Submit & Obey! When we take trail names, social authority no longer has a convenient way to make us do their bidding. It confuses them and keeps us on the path to self ownership.

Words and terms are navigation beacons which help show a path through the darkness of thought and communication. However, words and terms without good definitions provide poor light or no light at all leaving us to wander pointlessly.

The term Personal Integrity comes from the engineering concept of structural integrity. With structural integrity, if too much error accumulates in the system, catastrophic failure occurs. Likewise with Personal Integrity, if you lie to yourself, you are distorting your ability to accurately perceive reality and will eventually fail to manage your life in some significant way.

Open Premise Faith
It is not possible to know everything needed to take action. We must accept on faith more than we sometimes care to admit, but an open premise faith allows us to alter the faith as needed and to change the faith into knowledge when that becomes possible. Closed Premise Faith does not permit this.

Moderation of Appetites
The animal side of our lives is to be well cared for and cherished and sometimes indulged but not to habitual excess. The reason is that these animal appetites are powerful enough to overwhelm our ability to control them leading to gluttony, addiction, greed, cruelty, vanity, and chronic fear, among other spiritually corrupting habits.

Truth as a Means not an End
All conclusions are conditional. The information from which a conclusion is drawn changes and may change the conclusion or even invalidate it. If a conclusion is declared to be TRUTH it resists change and twists the facts to serve it.

Ownership of Self
Without ownership of self there can be no rights, only permissions.

You cannot have a Right To something which must be provided by someone else. A Right To creates a class of enslaved providers and class of effortless, entitled receivers. What then becomes of the concept of rights? Under these conditions it most certainly does not have anything to do with freedom. You can only have a Right Of some kind of freedom which is universally available to everyone without special privileges. The Right Of free speech. The Right Of worshiping the God of your choice or not worshiping at all. The Right Of Whatever. Here is a place where our language fails us and confusion is the result. Right To and Right Of are used interchangeably in the US Constitution, and so, in how we view this situation.

Modern morality is a command and control system. It divides all human action into good or bad according to how it benefits the various social authorities. Not surprisingly, the various social authorities have conflicting agendas and so make conflicting demands on people. One of the primary ways that social authority uses to successfully make and maintain these conflicting demands is to twist the definitions of words and terms to lock in obedience and mangle independent thought. This is why a study of the Logical Fallacies are so important.

—Chance, Saturday, August 27, 2005

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Note from Chance, 8 Jan 06: "I will be doing a third thru-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail starting this spring. At the conclusion that will make 9,000 miles in three years. I have a trail journal where I will be posting stories of this and past adventures ..."
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