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Sonora Advance!

Communication from Ricardo Valenzuela, January 8, 2006

The following was received from Ricardo Valenzuela on January 8, 2006

Phoenix, Arizona
January 2006

Dear friends:
Most of you already know that governor Bours invited me to be his representative in the USA, and I accepted. Even though, I always felt some kind of repulsion for our government because, among many things, I am one of the victims of the old Mexican political system when in 1982 they expropriated my family's bank and few years before, they had done the same when they decided to expropriate thousands of acres of our cattle land in my home state of Sonora, I accepted the invitation because I have known the governor, Eduardo Bours, for almost all my life, and I knew something real different was going to take place in Sonora.
I have been in this position for only a few months and I already can see the difference. One of my most important responsibilities in this position, is to inform the people in the US about the changes we are persuing in our state in which I think, the whole world is going to see an example of what a good and honest government is capable of doing.
I am not a politician or a career bureaucrat and it's taking me more time that I thought to understand and learn this path, and sometimes I feel frustrated and disappointed, but when I see the energy, the enthusiasm, the passion and commitment of governor Bours, I can only push harder and try, to the best of my abilities, to fulfill my commitment to him. This is not a job for me, this is a purpose and because is not a job, I go confidently toward the direction of Bours' dream which is the same dream of Sonorans. And I go following the words of Emerson: Don't play it so safe, because that is the most dangerous thing in the world. I am here not to protect a job, I am here to convince people like you, and the future is in Sonora.
The whole of Latin America is going through a difficult period of disoriented people on their way back from the old systems which took us to the kind of countries we have. Mexico as a neighbor of the USA, is the most important target of this wave of populism and misunderstand nationalism represented by people like Hugo Chavez who, thinking that oil is going to be his invincible weapon, is leading the region to that danger field and he see his big chance when Mexico approaches its next elections this summer.
Well, Sonora is not going to be part of that takeover and governor Bours is leading an historic transformation to embrace the rule of law, liberty, free markets, economic growth and opportunities for everybody. As you might know, Eduardo Bours openly declared his opposition to the candidacy of Roberto Madrazo who is trying to be the next president of Mexico wearing the uniform of PRI, the same party as Bours. The attitude of our governor is something which is writing an historic precedent in a country where, traditionally, the PRI candidate was some kind of King—even before was crowned— and that is just a little glimpse of Eduardo Bours' character.
Through this kind of communication, I will try to keep you informed about what is happening in Sonora, economically, politically and socially, and I can assure you, you will be surprised and excited to participate in what, I think, is going to be the construction of something of historic proportions not only in Mexico, but in the whole region of Latin America.

                                                                                          Best Regards

                                                                                     Ricardo Valenzuela
PD. Next communication. Who is Eduardo Bours?
Apologies for my bad writing in English, but as Anthony Quinn said, I have an accent when I speak or write, but not when I think.
Ricardo Valenzuela
Governor's Representative
State Capital Building, Suite 176
1700 W. Washington
Phoenix, Arizona 85007
Phone (602) 542-5035
Fax (602) 542-5050
ricardovalenzuela *at*

[Ricardo Valenzuela has retired from this position and is now active as a writer and advocate for the building of free cities in Mexico.]

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