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Spencer Heath, Pioneer in Aviation and Philosophy

Biographical Note by Spencer Heath MacCallum, Heather Foundation

In his essay, "The Enterprise of Community," Spencer Heath MacCallum notes the pioneering work of his grandfather:

Spencer Heath (1876-1963), was an engineer, lawyer, poet, philosopher of science and social philosopher, as well as a pioneer in early aviation, developing the first machine mass production of airplane propellers in 1912 and ten years later demonstrating at Boling Field the first engine powered and controlled variable and reversible pitch propeller. Heath was awakened to social issues as a young man by the widely influential novel, Looking Backward, in which author Edward Bellamy set forth compellingly his socialist vision of the future. Rejecting that after six months and looking for something more workable, he found himself attracted to Henry George's emphasis on free trade. This began a 35-year active involvement in the Georgist movement, which focused his attention on land. Studying George's proposal that government collect and disburse all land rents, Heath came to a recognition of the importance of the private administration of land as productive capital. This new perspective he outlined in 1936 in a self-published monograph, Politics versus Proprietorship, and elaborated in 1957 in his main work on society, Citadel, Market and Altar. Heath's published and unpublished writings are administered by the Heather Foundation. Contact Spencer MacCallum, spencermaccallum *a* gmail "dot" com

For information on Spencer MacCallum's paper, "The Enterprise Community: Social and Environmental Implications of Administering Land as Productive Capital," see:
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