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Ireland, Columba, Iona, Scotland

a form of light carried to the North of England

Winston Churchill, in his A History of the English Speaking Peoples, writes of the success of St Patrick's in Ireland after his arrival there in the year 432 C.E., and tells of an important consequence:

It was therefore in Ireland and not in Wales or England that the light of Christianity now burned and gleamed through the darkness. And it was from Ireland that the Gospel was carried to the North of Britain and for the first time cast its redeeming spell upon the Pictish invaders. Columba, born half a century after St. Patrick's death, but an offspring of his Church, and imbued with his grace and fire, proved a new champion of the faith. From the monastery which he established in the island of Iona his disciples went forth to the British kingdom of Strathclyde, to the Pictish tribes of the North, and to the Anglian kingdom of Northumbria. He is the founder of the Scottish Christian Church. Thus the message which St Patrick had carried to Ireland came back across the stormy waters and spread thorough wide regions. ...

A History of the English Speaking Peoples, Winston S. Churchill, 1956. This is a book for those interested in the long accident filled discovery process that produced rules of conduct that have been useful to explorers. -leif
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