glyph 290: Joel Kotkin ... immigration, composition of populations ... cultural fusion, blending . continual evolution of an always new America ... why and how that happens ... spontaneous order driven by opportunities to produce and trade outruns logical expectations ... article in Spring 2006 of "The American Interest"


"The Multiculturalism of the Streets", by Joel Kotkin

street vs. political multiculturalism — an important difference

Contrary to the concerns of some conservative critics, or the hopes of P.C. campus radicals, the emerging American national reality will not be shaped by the pronouncements of either left-wing academics or conservative political warlords. The new America will be more the product of the street-level trends that operate below the radar of intellectuals—just as it always has. If we're smart, we'll let what comes most naturally to American society take its course.

Thanks to Lexington Green for discussing this article in a 16 February 2006 post on the Albion's Seedlings weblog — —leif
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