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Yorktown University

education for leadership & cultural recovery

The vision of Yorktown University is to establish a presence on the Internet for scholarship on free enterprise, market economics, the philosophical ground of a free society, the principles and history of the American Founding, and the history and philosophy of education, religion, and culture.

A distinctive feature of Yorktown University will be the senior constitutional scholars, market economists, political scientists, cultural historians, literary critics, journalists, national security scholars and classical political theorists who offer courses at Yorktown University.

The philosophic motivation for founding Yorktown University is to educate a new leadership elite that may claim to have inquired into the principles and history of American political order, of the Judaeo-Christian tradition, classical Greek philosophy, philosophy of religion, and the relationship between economic and political freedom.

The founders of Yorktown University believe that political and cultural recovery involves discovery of the sacred in religion, recovery of transcendence in philosophy, recovery of civic virtue, and affirmation of the truth that American representative government has created a political community where free citizens may live just lives.

A Yorktown University Seminar

Free online seminar in supply-side economics, press release:

The seminar:
(this page allows separate access to all parts of the seminar)

Featured speakers and their topics are:

Mark Skousen, Supply Side Economics, Say's Law, and Economic Growth

Stephen Entin, Principles of Supply Side Economics, The History of the Reagan Supply-side Tax Cuts

Alan Reynolds, Critics of Supply Side Economics

Steve Moore, The Supply Side, Public Finance, and Politics

George Gilder, The Entrepreneurial Foundations of Supply Side Tax Cuts

Thanks to Mark Frazier,, for finding Yorktown University. -leif
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