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Iran - Heideggerites vs. Popperites

as observed by Amir Taheri

An account of a long running battle for control of Iran in which the contending forces are governed by the somewhat misunderstood ideas of Martin Heidegger or by the profoundly misunderstood ideas of Karl Popper.

by Amir Taheri
Asharq al-Awsat
March 3, 2006

It might come as a surprise to outsiders but, for the past 27 years, the philosophical debate in the Islamic Republic has been over a misunderstanding of a pro-Nazi German philosopher on the one hand and an even bigger misunderstanding of a liberal British philosopher on the other.


One camp was labeled "the Heideggerites", named after Martin Heidegger, the pro-Nazi German philosopher who was also claimed by existentialists as a spiritual ancestor. ...

The other camp was named "the Popperites", after the British philosopher Karl Popper who devoted his life to fighting totalitarianism.


Well, may be it is time for Iranians to start thinking for themselves.
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