glyph 299: handicapped . sports . athletics ..... Africa, Ghana, social norms, law ... Challenged Athletes Foundation ... heroic and visionary action by an individual in desperate circumstances


Emmanuel Ofosu Yeborah

an explorer of inspiring vision, bicycling across Ghana

Emmanuel Ofosu Yeborah was damaged before birth and came into this life with one useless leg.

He decided to obtain a bicycle and ride across his country, Ghana, as a way of declaring the handicapped to be full human beings, a revolutionary idea in Ghana.

He wrote a request to the U.S. based Challenged Athletes Foundation. They helped him. He rode across Ghana and made his point. He has changed Ghana.

Emmanuel's story is a astonishing and inspiring . He is an explorer, an opener of new paths, an entrepreneur of vision.

A link to the Movie, "Emmanuel's Gift," may be found at Challenged Athletes Foundation:
(includes a Spanish language track)

"Every parent should take their children to see this movie." —Oprah Winfrey

"Emmanuel's Gift" is a gift for all of humanity." —Muhammed Ali
entered before July 9, 2006

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