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United Arab Emirates + Anglosphere = ?

English Common Law Applies in Dubai International Financial Center

Linda Seebach's column, published in the Rocky Mountain News, February 4, 2006, based on an interveiew with Jim Bennett about his book The Anglosphere Challenge, contained the following:

Anglosphere ancestry isn't required; adoption is also a possibility. Bennett's blog, Albion's Seedlings (on the Web at, linked Friday to a story in Britain's Daily Telegraph newspaper about Dubai, which has set up a free-trade area governed by English common law, the Dubai International Financial Centre.

"'Under a formal decree of the United Arab Emirates, and local laws signed by the late Ruler of Dubai,' the newspaper reported, 'the two authorities that hold absolute power carved out an area from which they withdrew their own system of laws. The concept is breathtaking: here in DIFC, English common law reigns supreme - and under a British chief justice.'"

"The then crown prince, now the ruler of Dubai, wanted to establish a major financial center, 'that would rival New York, London and Hong Kong, but in a time zone where one had never existed before.'

"'But foreign investors would not be attracted without a regulator they could trust and a legal system on which they could rely.'"

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