glyph 308: library . re-invention, vitalization ... rationale for new funding, some from private sources ... community learning resources, center ... books, gym, advice, language-learning, job skills, classes ..... London, Whitechapel Idea Store, Tower Hamlets ... retail approach to library "business" ... real estate values


Idea Stores

reinvention of the library

A brilliant experiment in the re-invention of libraries as community learning centers, offering books and many other things not usually thought to be within the work of libraries. Begun in London in 2002 and currently limited to that city. -leif

Website of Idea Stores:

The Idea
Through the new Idea Stores, Tower Hamlets Council will be investing millions of pounds to create a network of adult education, library and information services, in 7 state-of-the-art buildings, all in local shopping centres.

These buildings are more than just a library or a place of learning. As well as the traditional library service, much valued by residents, they offer a wide range of adult education classes, along with career support, training, a creche, meeting areas, cafes and arts and leisure pursuits.
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