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Danger Close, by Micheal Yon

memoir of an explorer who has "demons to slay"

Taken from Michael Yon's website:

Danger Close - Fourth Edition

(Hardcover, Library Binding) - by Michael Yon

* Hardcover: 432 pages
* Advance Sale: Ships in 48 hours
* Publisher: Apple Pie Publishers; 4th edition (Dec 1, 2005)
* Language: English
* ISBN: 096751231

Danger Close 4th edition hardcover books are not available at or any other store.

For those who became familiar with Michael Yon's work through his riveting dispatches from the frontlines in Iraq, this first book will provide some answers to the question "who is this guy?" An engrossing personal memoir, first published in 2001, Yon's autobiography spans from his early, almost idyllic childhood in Florida to just after he completed his Special Forces training. It is unflinchingly honest, raw at times, and filled with promise and portend of his career as an explorer and writer.

From the Editorial Review on Amazon.Com: In 1982, one month after graduating from high school, Florida native Mike Yon joined the Army to earn tuition money for college. At that time, President Reagan had begun channeling massive amounts of funds into Special Operations units such as the Navy SEALS, Army Rangers, and Special Forces in response to the calamitous failure of a U.S. Special Ops attempt to rescue American hostages in Iran. For a brief time, writes Yon, "the Army allowed kids straight out of their initial military training to try out for Special Forces"--and Yon jumped at the chance. By July of 1983, at the remarkable age of 19, Yon had survived rounds of grueling training and graduated into the Green Berets. One day later, a bizarre encounter in a Maryland bar landed Yon in jail, accused of murdering a fellow patron with his bare hands.

At first glance, Danger Close reads like an adventure story, one that begins with the fateful bar scene, flashes back through a guts-and-glory retelling of what it takes to be accepted into one of the country's elite unconventional warfare units, and ends with Yon's acquittal of the charges. Yet Yon's self-published memoir simultaneously proves to be a coming-of-age story of a fiercely unique sort. Yon's mother died when he was only seven, and that irreparable loss, combined with the neglect that he later suffered at the hands of his father and the refuge he found with his grandparents and his friends, creates the emotional anchor of the book. Yon handles such a complex combination of subject matter in a free-form, associative style, juxtaposing scenes of intensive weapons training, for example, with stories of life lessons he learned from his grandfather. The result is winningly rough around the edges: Danger Close is exuberant and thoughtful, tender and violent, and, for the most part, it works. Writing, for Yon, like joining the Army, was about having "demons to slay. Big, mean demons that haunted and chased me. I was going to kill them."

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