glyph 314: potential in seeds . spontaneous assembly . freeorder generator . social entrepreneurship



a forest of civilization from many seeds says:

zaad. It's Dutch for "seed." Amazing how much potential is in a tiny seed, eh? We think so, too. That power reminds us of the amazing potential within each of us. We thought the idea of creating a company that inspires and empowers you to bring your "seed" to actualization would be pretty powerful. So, we created "Zaadz."

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Integral Institute has teamed up with to create an online forum where together all of us can explore an urgent question: What kind of future are we going to create? It's safe to say that for a better future to unfold---for consciousness to evolve and lay the foundation for an entirely new culture---enough of us are going to have to be players in this great adventure. So please join the conversation. Bring your depth, humor, and new ideas from the radical to the ordinary, into the world.
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