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Compound Irresponsibility

the biggest mathematical mistake ever to have ruled the world

At (accessed 12 July, 2006)

Chris Macrae writes (lightly edited):

If you want to sustain the world, it is a critical mistake to govern by quarterly historic separation accounting rather than sustainability's compound future exponentials. For example, a system will never compound its deepest purpose unless a transparent future metric aligning that overtrumps every standard metric. Be measurable to less than your deepest gravitational reason for attracting productive and demanding human beings and quarter by quarter you will slice and dice your purpose. Andersen sliced and diced its true and fair purpose for itself and the new economy business it was once number 1 professional auditor to. NASA sliced and diced safety by governing for many quarters around numbers that only rewarded lower costs and more launches. By the time it lost a space ship, the post mortem showed over 50 ways in which different activity groups were either in conflict with each other or inexperienced in sharing critical information. Many global market sectors today have about 5000 disconnected parts each seeking to extract the max from the last quarter. This is the maths of compound irresponsibility, and can only lead to each such global market sectors compounding the least sustainable future imaginable for its sector.
Wed, Jul 12, 2006

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