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Elegant Business & Elegant Business Leadership

definition proposed by Yasuhiko Kimura

A recent newsletter from Vision-in-Action offers an article by Yasuhiko Kimura, "Elegant Business & Elegant Business Leadership".

Yasuhiko concludes:

Today we are entering the age of Elegant Business and Elegant Business Leadership in which the true success of a business is judged by the degree of its elegance — the quality that emerges when wholeness, integrity, balance, abundance, grace, and generosity are present within the organization and in its relationship to the world and the planet at large.

A footnote:

The term "elegant business" was first coined by Southern California Vision In Action Business Consortium member Linda Watkins of Watkins Consulting Group at a monthly meeting. However, the concept of Elegant Business briefly outlined above is the author's.

As the entire article was not available on the Vision-in-Action website at the time this glyph was created, please find it at:

Yasuhiko Kimura founded and operates Vision-In-Action.

Vision without action is empty.
Action without vision is blind.

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Quest and commitment unite.

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