glyph 329: art ... minorities, differences, devolution of nation states, avoidance of monocultures ... "narrowness of the nation state" ... pioneers of cultural diversity ... history of the emergence of freeorder


The Unknown Europeans, Photos by Kurt Kaindl, Texts by Karl-Markus Gauss

Exhibit, Embassy of Austria, Washington, D.C., January-June 2006

Kurt Kaindl describes his work with the minorities:

These photographs document a Europe where very old national groups try to hold their ground but at the same time daily practice cultural exchange and frontier crossing. They never took on the narrowness of the nation state. In this respect these hardly known minorities are not only representatives of old vanishing European cultures but, paradoxically, also pioneers of a new Europe where the fall of national boundaries — instead of resulting in a uniform culture - allows ethnic, religious, linguistic and cultural diversity to thrive.

I am interested in large cultural spaces
The Photography of Inge Morath
by Kurt Kaindl
Sun, Jul 23, 2006; edited/updated November 26, 2015

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