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The Student Success Manifesto, by Micheal Simmons

how to create a life of passion, purpose, and prosperity

Michael Simmons defines "extreme entrepreneurship" as a "framework for maximizing the value you add to others and yourself" — "extreme" applies to the use of mind, and "entrepreneurship" to how that mindset is applied.

This book packs powerful ideas into simple and useful pages. Should be on shelves next to Karl Hess' Capitalism for Kids -leif smith.

Recommended by Vic Sarjoo, of Radical Funds, and Leif Smith of Explorers Foundation.

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Michael Simmons — Extreme Entrepreneurship Corporation
"Plan, Prioritize, and Pursue Your Vision Today!
We are dedicated to helping students crreate a life of passion, purpose, and prosperity with the entrepreneurial mindset."
Join a network community of high achievers for universities
There Are Diamonds On Your Campus! How to Connect with Advisors, Peers, Professors, and Alumni on Your Campus Using Incredible, Under-Utilized Resources
Wed, Aug 16, 2006

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