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Cooperative Sagebrush Initiative

ethical and scientific land management, respect for boundaries

Explorers Foundation inspires and organizes learning about the use of well-crafted limits to bring about the preservation of the origins of goods. The work of the Cooperative Sagebrush Initiative is helping us to new understanding and is powerfully contributory to the emergence of freeorder (conditions and processes good for explorers).

The Initiative is under the management of the Sand County Foundation. At the time of this writing an Explorers Foundation director, Ed Warner, is also a director of the Sand County Foundation. Ed's vision and energy have helped to lay the foundations of this innovative program. —leif smith

The Cooperative Sagebrush Initiative is a regionwide program built on the strengths of its stakeholders and the power of a commonly-held conservation fund. Landowners, communities, and conservation groups have the proven ability to deliver conservation on private and public lands. Government agencies have the scientific knowledge and technical capacity to help make that happen. Industry has the leadership and resources to energize the former and leverage the latter. A collaboratively-governed conservation fund, built on the bedrock of incentives and committed to building a lasting infrastructure of landowner and community stewardship, has the power to galvanize all three stakeholder elements into an orchestrated force for effective landscape-level conservation in the 11-state range of the greater sage grouse. It can become a blueprint for citizen stewardship nationwide.

Cooperative Sagebrush Initiative: Mission Statement

Background Information
November 26, 2006

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