glyph 376: computer science . technology . creativity ... demonstration of a pen-based computer interface (video link here) ... multi-touch . gesture commands . fluid, graceful interface . intuitive, flowing, engaging to the creative mind and spirit ..... intelligence augmentation (IA) ... frontiers of human/computer interface design ... University of Toronto . Canada


Dynamic Graphics Project

evolution of the computer desktop

"The University of Toronto's Dynamic Graphics Project (dgp) is an interdisciplinary research laboratory within the Department of Computer Science. The lab's mission is advanced research and graduate instruction in human-computer interaction and computer graphics."

"dgp was founded in 1967 by Professor Leslie Mezei. He was joined by Professor Ron Baecker in 1972, who coined the name Dynamic Graphics Project in 1974, when we got our first stand-alone machine, a PDP11/45 with a highly-interactive display informally called the Graphic Wonder. The lab's name was intended to imply the spirit of the place, and to encompass both Computer Graphics and Dynamic Interaction Techniques, which was subsumed by the new field of Human Computer Interaction in the early 1980's. Under the leadership of Baecker, Alain Fournier, Bill Buxton, and Eugene Fiume in the 70s, 80s, and 90s, dgp became a world academic leader in both computer graphics and human-computer interaction. The lab's alumni are now on faculty at top universities throughout the world and at major industrial research labs, and have also won academy awards for their groundbreaking work."
February 16, 2007; edited/updated November 26, 2015

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