glyph 381: art, culture, craft ... Mexico, Sonora, Chihuahua, Sierra Madre ... inspiration, education, mentoring ... community development ... preserving rural traditions ..... explorers foundation: vortex zorro


Centro Artistico y Cultural de Huachinera, Sonora, Mexico

a vital regional education center for artists and artisans

Centro Artistico y Cultural de Huachinera
Huachinera Enterprise for Arts & Rural Traditions

Is dedicated to fostering the communities within the
Sierra Madre Region in Sonora, Mexico as they evolve from
Their traditional ranching/farming roots into a vital,
Regional education center for Artists and artisans.

By combining human and financial resources,
we seek to provide both physical facilities and
mentoring programs by established, successful artists
that will enable the indigenous people of the region to
recognize artistic and economic achievement in their
Native environment, thereby strengthening families and
preserving rural traditions.

The Center is about 100 miles south of the U.S./Mexico border, in the mountains separating Sonora & Chihuahua.
March 3, 2007

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