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Issues of Decidability and Tractability

questioning the limits of computational solutions

University of Białystok
Plac Uniwersytecki 1
15 - 420 Białystok, Poland

Volume 9 (22) 2006:
Issues of Decidability and Tractability
ISBN 978-83-7431-108-3

"Undecidability and Intractability in Social Sciences", Witold Marciszewski

Volume 5 (18) 2002:
Free Market and Computational Complexity
Essays in Commemoration of Fredrich Hayek (1899-1992)
ISBN 83-89031-54-X

Content (in English)

From the introduction to Volume 5

By means of this annual set we would like to celebrate the contribution of one of the most outstanding thinkers of 20th century — Friedriech von Hayek, the creator of modern liberal philosophy — to the development of social sciences methodology in the 10th anniversary of his death. Liberalism is, in his opinion, the only philosophy which is in agreement with the latest theories in the domains of physics, chemistry and biology, and especially with the science of chaos, formalized by Illya Prigogine. In free market economy like in nature, order arises from chaos; spontaneous action of million of decisions taken and million pieces of information received does not lead to disorder but to a certain higher order. Nobody is able to know, as Hayek claims, how to plan an economic growth as we do not really know anything about the mechanisms governing the economic growth. There is a great number of decisions on the market that no computer, no matter how powerful it would be, could register and process.

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