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Realist and Nominalist — Baroque Hedgehog and Gothic Fox

a Greek myth central to Véliz' The New World of the Gothic Fox

The New World of the Gothic Fox, Claudio Véliz, pg. 94:

... the hedgehog of Archilochus would without hesitation side with the Realists, while the fox would swiftly count himself a Nominalist. The Realists were, and are, conversant with a unity that transcends empirical evidence; theirs is in effect a form of mysticism sustained by revelation, or by a species of subjective understanding not infrequently supported by profound belief. The Nominalist fox, however, tends to be unerringly aware of the multiplicity of particular things and psychological processes as well as aware that it is virtually impossible to reduce the enormous diversity to any manageable system, organic or otherwise, amenable of being understood or centrally controlled or directed.

• "The Hedgehog and the Fox: An Essay on Tolstoy's View of History" Isaiah Berlin
• "Foxes and Hedgehogs and Hypnosis, Oh My!" John F. Kihlstrom, University of California, Berkeley
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