glyph 389: AI = "Artificial Intelligence; IA = "intelligence augmentation" ... reintermediation reverses disintermediation . putting the human mind back into the net ... computers, science, programming ... bringing the distribution of income into closer correspondence with the distribution of intelligence and the willingness to apply it ... maximizing the use of all the intelligence in the world ... competition and collaboration interestingly confused ..., significant innovation ... intelligence . widely distributed . net reaching out for it . driven by explorers in search of collaborators ..... F. A. Hayek, "The Use of Knowledge in Society"


The Amazon Mechanical Turk - Reintermediation

fine grained distribution and use of human intelligence

Highly divisible tasks . presented through net . anyone anywhere can respond with micro-applications of thought and time . micro-payments accumulated through net distributed to participants.

A million pictures . Question: Is there a pizza parlor in this picture? . lots of participants each looking at a small number of pictures --> big answer, payment divided into small chuncks and widely distributed.

The "mturk" site explains the use of the name, "Mechanical Turk" - it's an interesting story.

Source of this glyph:

"Reintermediation" — For the legions of Internet users contributing to new "human-assisted search" sites, no job is too small. By Wade Roush, "Technology Review," May/June 2007, published by MIT.

FAQ: What is the Mechanical Turk
May 13, 2007

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