glyph 394: health, aging ... death: a possible hindrance to exploration ... extending limits of mortality . aging, a medical condition subject to correction ... long life . Methusela Prize


The Longevity Meme

a newsletter & an organization devoted to activism and education to defeat aging

Aging is an enemy. It saps our strength, cripples and eventually kills us. The lack of information, advocacy and awareness of anti-aging and healthy life extension research is a terrible thing. Much of the general public thinks of aging as inevitable and natural, rather than as a medical condition that may one day be curable. Comparatively few people know that the effects of aging can be slowed with diet and lifestyle choices, just as for many other medical conditions. Presently ongoing research aimed at repairing known types of age-related cellular damage - aimed at true rejuvenation, in other words - does not receive the widespread publicity and support it deserves.

The Longevity Meme is a non-profit organisation, founded in mid-2001. Our goal is to encourage achievable technologies, lifestyles and other means that will help people live comfortably, healthily and capably for as long as they desire, well beyond the current limits of mortality. We aim to ensure that the means and potentials of healthy life extension become commonly accepted throughout the world.

We aim for the following at the present time: — Methuselah Foundation
July 8, 2007; edited/updated November 26, 2015

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