glyph 395: lectures (audio online), Andras Schiff, pianist, piano sonatas ... music . creativity, invention . continuous development of creative powers ..... 1921 Club


Andras Schiff's Lectures on Beethoven Piano Sonatas

discussion of the lifelong evolution of a creative mind, illustrated on piano

For a journey through an amazing landscape begin with the first lecture and go through them all.

An exposition on Beethoven's "Moonlight", and its connection with Mozart's Don Giovanni, by Andras Schiff:

Access to the entire series of lectures, covering all 32 sonatas:,,1943867,00.html

Schiff's lectures on music are quite wonderful, entertaining, full of insights, and an example of a great mind not above engaging his audience as peers both intellectually and emotionally. You feel like he is talking to you directly. —Pat Wagner
July 8, 2007; edited/updated July 23, 2023

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