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"A New Theory of the Universe", by Robert Lanza

biocentrism builds on quantum physics by putting life into the equation

The conclusions I have drawn place biology above the other sciences in the attempt to solve one of nature's biggest puzzles, the theory of everything that other disciplines have been pursuing for the last century. Such a theory would unite all known phenomena under one umbrella, furnishing science with an all-encompassing explanation of nature or reality.

We need a revolution in our understanding of science and of the world. Living in an age dominated by science, we have come more and more to believe in an objective, empirical reality and in the goal of reaching a complete understanding of that reality. Part of the thrill that came with the announcement that the human genome had been mapped or with the idea that we are close to understanding the big bang rests in our desire for completeness.

But we're fooling ourselves.

Notes: 1) Susanne K. Langer's comprehensive biocentrism, in Mind: An Essay on Human Feeling; 2) Ludwig von Mises' epistemological biocentrism in Human Action. —leif

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