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Walt Hurn, Forest Ranger, Gardener

the impact of ordered gardens on young wilderness voyageurs

When full of wilderness a human spirit receives a powerful good from an ordered garden; and when the spirit is filled with order encounter with wilderness delivers a powerful good. There seems to be a continual and frequently unconscious inclination of the human spirit to find balance among designed and spontaneous orders. On coming from fullness of wilderness to order and gardens see Sigurd F. Olsen, Chapter 17, Listening Point, wherein we meet Walt Hurn, a Forest Ranger from 1917 - 1929, stationed at Cabin 11 on King's Point, Basswood Lake, north of Lake Superior. In 1929 Walt returned to "Merrie Old England" to find a cottage and plant flower gardens. Walt Hurn had a significant impact on Sigurd F. Olsen, a young wilderness guide, who later became a founder of modern environmental conservation work. I cannot recommend Olson's Listening Point too highly. Few words have been written that convey more fully the wonder of the natural world. -leif smith

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September 23, 2007

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