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Above the Battle, by Romaine Rolland

extending the blessing of liberty

From Above the Battle, 1916, essay VIII

For more than forty centuries it has been the effort of great minds who have attained liberty to extend this blessing to others; to liberate humanity and to teach men to see reality without fear or error, to look themselves in the face without false pride or humility and to recognize their weakness and their strength, that they may know their true position in the universe. They have illumined the path with the brightness of their lives and their example, like the star of the magi, that mankind may have light.

ROMAIN ROLLAND AND THE WAR; Famous French Novelist and Essayist Sets Forth His Theories and Replies to His Critics —The New York Times, April 23, 1916, Sunday Section: Review of Books, Page BR169

Quotations from Rolland's book found in the above review:

A great nation assailed by war has not only its frontiers to protect; it must also protect its good sense. It must protect itself from the hallucinations, injustices, and follies which the plague lets loose.

I have been insulted. I knew that I should be and I went forward. But I did not know that I should be insulted without even a hearing. For a year I have been rich in enemies. Let me say this to them: they can hate me but they will not teach me to hate.

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