glyph 411: books, libraries, library . LibraryThing, Library Thing . cataloging tool for personal use . social network with connections arising from shared books ... management . library management ... bibliographic tool used by Pat Wagner in her University of North Texas (UNT) series of online trainings for library directors, staff, and board members


Pattern Research, Inc. Bibliography

books of value to explorers, compiled by Pat Wagner

Patricia Wagner, of Pattern Research, Inc., has provided this bibliography for the students in her management classes. It is maintained and made searchable by a web-based service called "LibraryThing", an excellent cataloging tool and a non-intrusive social network. An account with LibraryThing is free at the starting (and useful) level. (catalog) (profile)

Pat is the wife and partner of Explorers Foundation founder Leif Smith.

Christian Science Monitor review of LibraryThing:
November 5, 2007; edited/updated November 26, 2015

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