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Seasteading: Homesteading the High Seas

aquatic pioneers, civilization's frontier, green technology & free enterprise

Mark Twain: "Buy land. They've stopped making it."
Seasteaders: "Production Resuming."

In this paper, we'll demonstrate that a combination of technologies has finally given the lie to Mark Twain's famous line about the real estate business. Imagine the tremendous possibility of being able to create new acreage on the vast and empty oceans. The environment may be less friendly, but the increased freedom will appeal to a motivated minority who are fed up with terrestrial politics. These aquatic pioneers will settle civilization's next frontier through the unusual merger of green technology and free enterprise. Once there, they will experiment with new social, political, and economic systems, adding much-needed variety and innovation to the stagnant business of government.


Political Agnosticism

While the authors come from a libertarian viewpoint, we want to stress that seasteading is politically agnostic. We're attempting to describe (and create) an enabling technology for small-scale sovereignty. This will give many philosophies the autonomy to experiment with their theories. And we find it very satisfying to be empowering all minority political groups, not just advancing our own vision.

Since this technology enables many alternative societies, some of them will be very, very different from each other, so we're mostly trying to give an overview of the common elements. We do have to make some occasional assumptions about the type of society to do this. Being libertarians, it is most natural for us to make libertarian assumptions. Rather than getting annoyed when you see political beliefs you disagree with, try to understand that this technology will give you too a chance to show that your ideas can work in practice.

"Peter Thiel Makes Down Payment on Libertarian Ocean Colonies"
Alexis Madrigal
Wired, May 19, 2008
May 22, 2008; edited/updated November 26, 2015

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