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The Bailout Reader — The Economics & Politics of Financial Crisis

extensive materials relevant to all crises

The events taking place in the financial market offer an illustration of the soundness of the Austrian theory of money, banking, and credit cycles, and is your source not only for analysis of these events but also the economic theory that helps explain what is happening and what to do about it. There are many thousands of articles available, and also the full text of thousands of books as well as journal articles. It is impossible to draw attention to the full range of literature one can use to understand the crisis.

However, below we offer a brief look into the topics most discussed in these times, with extended treatments of each in the sidebar. also offers both a blog and a community forum for reading and discussing them all.

This is interesting, extensive, and well done! [The Bailout Reader]

John Mauldin: Not bailout, stabilization – why it must be done and done now. [link]
Government has built a weak dam whose construction was opposed by some. But it was built. Now it is cracking and some of those who opposed its construction are shouting, "no repairs!". But consider the millions of tons of water held behind the dam that should not have been built, and what will happen if the dam fails. Maybe the fool builders should repair the dam (if temporary repairs are possible) and then slowly, carefully, drain the lake.
Different points of view. Confusing? That's what makes explorers. -leif
September 27, 2008; edited/updated November 26, 2015

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