glyph 452: potential for better use of corporate structures ... goverments that provide services enabling free-markets


Free-Market Corporations

and governments as competitive service providers

I am convinced that the next revolution will come from the boardrooms of corporations that go directly to the consumer to compete intelligently, and we will eventually see fascist corporations (i.e. corporations that force their way into markets by way of state-sponsored threats of violence, rather than competing in markets where consumers are allowed to choose freely) going by the wayside, along with the fascist governments that serve them. We will eventually realize as a species that present government primarily benefits those who work in it or who corrupt it.

We may eventually actually form a free-market array of governments where governments become true, competitive service providers who can no longer force their services on consumers and whose market is no longer defined geographically, but rather according to those individuals who freely decide to partake and fund their services.

I believe that much of the criticism of corporations today is both well-stated and right on point, while at the same time being very short-sighted. I see present-day corporate structure as an immature form of association and collaboration that has tremendous potential once transformed.

Rather than bitching about corporations, I think that it's time for us to actually begin forming our own corporations, taking them to the marketplace, and demonstrating that intelligent design that sustains all forms of life is actually MORE competitive, and MORE contributory than those that destroy life.

—Olivier Tryba, December 2008
December 22, 2008

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